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Thank you Letter to all volunteers

15TH MARCH 2014


Thank you very much for all your support for those living in desperate conditions in Kilimanjaro, Tanzania

Since 2005, (when I first visited Tanzania), food and animals have been delivered, seven houses have been built for people with disability, and water has been installed.

The biggest achievement so far, is the completion of a 9 class roomed school. The Kilimanjaro View Education Centre.

At present, two groups of Primary School children attend the school.

There is also evening tuition for older children who live locally.

I am proud to say that all donations go directly to projects, as all our work is voluntary

Yours Sincerely,

Shelia Ryan

(Founder of Kilimanjaro Direct)


In October 2010 twenty-two Irish volunteers travelled to Kilimanjaro to work on the school site.

The volunteers paid for their own flights and accomodation and fund=raised for the materials they used.

Kilimanjaro Direct aims to put all donations into the projects and all work is voluntary.

Every day the builders worked extremely hard in the heat and at the end of their trip they had roofed the Administration block and built four new classrooms.

Each evening some of the volunteers visited local families who live in mud huts. The volunteers were shocked to see the living conditions of the people - many with very little food were sleeping on the ground. Many of the mud huts were crumbling with the rain coming in.

They brought food and some clothes and toys for the children.

April 16th -30th 2011 another group will travel to work on the site. If you are interested please write to Sheila Ryan Presentation Secondary Kilkenny, Ireland or email

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